Mount Batur Height

Mount Batur Height – The Best Way to See Sunrise In Bali

The Charm of Mount Batur in Bali

Mount Batur height is 1.717 meters above sea level. It is not really high compared to other mountains. This is why this volcano in Bali is suitable for beginners in hiking. However, you still need to prepare your energy and stamina before going for Mount Batur hike.

Because the trekking is pretty challenging and exhausting. It is sandy, rocky, slippery, and uphill. If you do not prepare your stamina, you will not be able to reach the peak and enjoy the sunrise. For your information, Mount Batur is one of the best spots in Bali to witness the sunrise scenery.

The History of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is ranked at number two as the highest mountain in Bali, next to Mount Agung. As it has been said before, Mount Batur height is 1.717 mdpl. Mount Batur is an active volcano among other active volcanoes in Bali. It was first erupted in 1804 and the last eruption was in 2004. Ulun Danu Batur Temple and Batur Village got the effects from the great explosion in 1926. Up to now, Mount Batur erupted for 26 times. Even though it is an active volcano, it does not reduce the guts of many tourists and hikers to hike this mountain.

The Access to Mount Batur

The location of Mount Batur is in Batur Village, Kintamani, Bali. You can reach the volcano by car or motorcycle. If you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can access Mount Batur through Nusantara Street. You will spend around 2.5 hours on the trip to the volcano, depends on the traffic. If you depart from your accommodation in Kuta, it will take around 3 hours to visit Mount Batur.

So, if you are planning to enjoy the sunrise view on the Mount Batur height, carefully measure the time. Hiking the active volcano also needs about 3 hours, depends on your speed. The best time to witness the sunrise is 4 in the morning.

Mount Batur Trekking Start Point

Hiking Mount Batur can be started from the starting point in Toya Bungkah Village or Pura Jati. But the most popular starting point is in Toya Bungkah Village. Every Mount Batur hiker is very suggested to hire a guide even though the Mount Batur trekking difficulty is not really difficult like Mount Agung.

Especially for foreign tourists and those who hike the volcano for the first time, a guide is a must. It is purposed to make sure of your safety. In addition, you will not get lost if you are accompanied by a guide. The cost you need to spend to hike Mount Batur and enjoy the sunrise from Mount Batur height is affordable. It is only IDR 100.000 or around $8. The price is not includes a guide.

How to Find Mount Batur Guide?

Usually, a guide will accompany 2 hikers to 5 hikers. Do not be confused about finding a guide. Because when you arrive at the starting point, there will be a lot of guides offering their services but hire a guide from one of Mt Batur Trekking Company who have been serving customers for more than 5 years like us is recommended. Before hiking this active volcano, it will be better if you prepare your energy, equipment, and supplies. Bring enough water so that your body will not be dehydrated in the middle of your hiking.

You can also bring some snacks, but make sure you bring back the trash down again. Do not litter in the mountain area. Do you want to try something unique? Bring an egg and boil it naturally with the heat from the volcano. Mount Batur is included as one of the most visited and famous tourist spots in Bali. If you are an adventure lover, do not miss hiking this volcano and enjoy the beautiful sunrise scenery from Mount Batur height.

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