Mount Batur Sunrise View

Sunrise on Mount Batur – Amazing View From the Peak of Bali

Enjoying Mount Batur sunrise can be an alternative for you who look for a new thing when you visit Bali. Mount Batur is highly recommended for those who are a sunrise admirer. It is said that this volcano is one of the best places in Bali to witness the incredible sunrise view.

Sunrise on the peak of Mount Batur will absolutely make you amazed. Mount Batur height is 1.717 meters above sea level. So, you can imagine how beautiful the scenery is from the top of this volcano.

The Preparation

Before hiking Mount Batur to see the sunrise, you need to make some preparations first. The more prepared you are, the fewer obstacles you will face. First, you have to make sure that you got great stamina. It is one of the most crucial things before hunting for Mount Batur sunrise trekking.

Do not force yourself when you are sick or tired. Instead of enjoying the sunrise, you will put yourself in danger if you do so. Do not forget to wear a jacket and anything warm. The weather on Mount Batur is cold. So, wearing warm and thick clothes is a must. This way, the cold weather will not stop you from enjoying the sunrise.

Also, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes which are specially designed for hiking. The hiking track on Mount Batur is rocky and sandy. Wear hiking shoes that are made from thick and high-quality materials with rubber soles so that your feet will be protected.

The next preparation to enjoy Mount Batur sunrise is bringing foods and beverages. Make sure you bring enough water so that you will not be dehydrated in the middle of your hiking. As it is said before, it is quite exhausting to reach the peak of Mount Batur. Even though there are food stalls in the volcano area, the foods and drinks sold there are quite pricey.

Starting the Adventure

There are 2 routes as the starting point to hike Mount Batur: Pura Jati and Toya Bungkah village. After you have arrived at the starting point, you have to register yourself and pay for the retribution. You can choose to hike with or without a guide. But, it is recommended to hire a guide, especially for foreign tourists.

Hiking the volcano to enjoy Mount Batur sunrise needs about 2 hours to 3 hours. In the first 15 minutes, the path is still smooth. After 30 minutes, you will find that the path gets uphill, rocky, sandy, and slippery at the same time.

Witnessing the Sunrise

Mount Batur sunrise will last for about an hour. So, enjoy and capture the magical scenery for an hour once you have reached the top of the volcano. The sun will slowly rise behind the horizon. This will leave you in awe. Once the sun is high, a group of monkeys will approach you for some foods.

Be careful, do not let the animal steal your precious items from you. Every area and corner of Mount Batur is a great photo background. So, you can capture your moments before you go down. However, you are not suggested to hike the active volcano when it rains. Because the path will be very slippery and dangerous. In addition, the sunrise cannot be clearly seen.

After enjoying the sunrise, you can visit and explore Batur Lake near the volcano. The lake is not less beautiful than the sunrise panorama at the peak of Mount Batur. Or, if you not like to do hiking, you can have lunch to restore your energy while enjoying the view of Mount Batur. So, are you interested to hunt Mount Batur sunrise? Let’s do this with our Bali Sunrise Trekking Tour for make your journey more memorable.

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