Mount Batur Bali Difficulty

Is Mount Batur Trekking Difficult?

On many others blogs or articles, most of people’s say if mount Batur is one of famous places for tourist. Many people’s from overall the world have been do mount Batur hike while in Bali. The reason is because this volcano is suitable to visit for every level physically fitness. Even can be done by kids under ten years old.

Not only for kids and young people’s, this trek also suitable for old people’s. In our experience, we have been do this with people’s age more than fifty years old. They are also still be able to do this hike as long as they are active enough in daily activities.

mount batur bali difficulty

How Difficult is Mount Batur?

Now we would like to explain you more details about how difficulty is mount Batur. Read this if you want to do trekking on this volcano with the last eruption on year 2.000. If you are sporty enough and have done some previous hiking, mount Batur  will not be a big problems. But for those of you never done hike or not really use sports in daily you need to think more! Why? because the hike maybe will fell little hard for you.

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Difficulty level of mount Batur that is depending on which trekking start point you take for hike. Every starting point has different difficulty and also different hiking distance. For do trekking especially if you want to do Mt Batur sunrise trekking that can fetch by 3 different starting points. It is: Toya Bungkah starting point, Pura Jati start point and via Serongga village start point.

Well, following is a few details about of mount Batur trekking difficulty depending from trekking start point.

A. Via Pura Jati or Jati Temple Starting Point

From here you can drive up more closer to the peak. But we surely not recommend you to start from here. Why? Following is the reasons:

  • The trip if you took from the main parking to main summit will be logger. You will need duration about 2,5 hours and distance more than 10 km up and down.
  • This trail also more busy than other trails. This is because lots of mount Batur sharing tour start from this route. So if you want to avoid traffic or busy situation please keep your mind to take start from here.
  • About 25 – 30 minutes before the summit, this trail with more rock and slippery volcanic sand. So it can make you feel tired when you reach to the peak.

B. Via Serongga Village Starting Point

This trekking trails we recommended for you who want fell more private as this trekking trail is much quite than the others trails. The place you will start is from north side of Mount Batur . When you just follow the trail, it will come directly until the main peak (1717 meters above sea level). But please note that you must be fit enough and also have to prepare for good hiking shoes because more than fifty percent of the road is slippery roads with volcanic sand. We also could say if this trails is the most difficult trekking start point although the duration is less than 2 from the base of this starting point to the summit.

C. Via Toya Bungkah Trekking Starting Point

For our Mount Batur Private Tour, we always use this trekking starting because this trails have moderate level hiking with distance of hike about 9 km up and down. Some reason why we recommend this trekking starting point is:

  • This trails is located on east part of mount Batur, so in case you are bit slow or late you will not miss the sunrise because you can see it just from the middle of this volcano.
  • By choose this start point your trek will direct to the summit, the place where most people watching sunrise
  • The summit you will reach through this starting point is the best place to see beautiful views of landscape, mountain, Batur lake and also beautiful sunrise.
  • The trek from parking to the summit will take about one and half hours until 2 hours up. From the beginning until more than half way up will be very easy, you will walking under pine and eucalyptus forest. It just 20 – 25 minutes way before reach the summit will be getting bit more challenging and with a few of rocky. This trails is manageable and every person will be able do reaching the summit without feeling rushed.

Well, that’s just a few information about the mount Batur difficulty according to the trail or trekking starting point. If you still have any questions or interest to do this kind of Bali Trekking tour please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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