Mount Batur Temperature and Altitude

How Cold is Temperature at Mount Batur? Maybe some of you who have plan do trekking at mount Batur, and right now wondering about how cold is mount Batur on the morning before sunrise come up or during the night time if you looking for do mount Batur overnight camping at the top. Well, through this article, we will give you right  information about this volcano temperature and also how to make your trekking trip feel comfortable.

Mount Batur it self on this moment is become the most busy mountain in Bali, especially on early morning time. Every morning more than hundreds of people’s come to see how great the sunrise view from summit of this active volcano with the last eruption on 2.000. It was always busy all the time in the year, start from beginning of January until the end of December. The foreign people’s not only do trekking on summer, but during rainy seasons also there will not too quite although sometimes they will not be able to see sunrise if the weather is bad and foggy covering the landscape .

On  every different month, the Mount Batur temperature is also different. If you visit there during December until end of March the Temperature is around 14 – 18 degrees Celsius at the main summit (1.717 meters above sea level). This cold temperature you will just feel for few minutes before sun rising and it will warmer when sun is getting high. During this month is raining season in Bali and that’s make some time we can’t see sunrise and we are can’t promise you will able to see beauty view every morning on this season if you aren’t lucky enough. On the night time during this seasons it can be lower until 11 degrees Celsius, so if you decided to do mount Batur camping you must be very prepared on this and make sure you bring enough warmer clothing on this.

January until February is the hardest raining time in Bali island, that is why if you Mount Batur trekking on January or February please also prepare for good raincoat and some changes clothes in case you wet from rain. The lowest at the summit temperature (while bad weather) during January to February is 12 degrees Celsius.

Similar like at other mountains in the world, the temperatures at summit can changes very quickly. That also same as in mount Batur, the altitude here can move from 21 degrees to 11 degrees Celsius within a few minutes. You may will feel not so cold during you walking up cause your body will sweating , but when you arrive at summit or during waiting for sunrise you will start to fell the cold temperatures.

The other thing you should to prepare beside from jacket and raincoat is wear proper shoes in case the trails after rains slippery during our trek. Basically by use sport shoes on good weather is enough for mount Batur hiking, but trekking shoes or shoes with a good grip will be a better option especially if you are hike on rain seasons.

Back again to the nature, and everything can changes so quick that’s why we can’t promise you will see stunning view because we can’t do anything for that. So if you know what you need to prepare or bring during do Bali Sunrise Trekking at mount Batur, you can feel safe all the way up and down.

Well that is just a few information from us about mount Batur temperature and some tips if you do hike while bad weather or cold conditions. Big hope this information is useful for those of you who will do mount Batur hike in future.

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