Mount Batur Trekking Tour Reviews

Find out some references before decided to book tour or activities is the most important thing you should to do. That’s also will applied for those of you who looking to do mount Batur trekking in future. Here we will tell you some reviews about our Mount Batur trekking. This information you really need to know and this article will guided you to get the best mount Batur trekking company.

Mount Batur Trekking TripAdvisor

Some reviews that we would like to explain is about our Mt Batur Package. It is mt Batur sunrise, mt Batur sunset trekking and also review about our mt Batur overnight camping tour. All of the review is real because wrote by our previous customers who have been do one or some activities with us. The reviews or feedback about our service that you can read on TripAdvisor, google maps and also on Facebook page.

From the option above, TripAdvisor is the best option if you want to know more information  about mount Batur trekking. Why should be on TripAdvisor?  The main reason is TripAdvisor will help peoples in term to find the right tour service provider.  They will also delete all fake reviews on their site. If you have tried it, you will know many story about mount Batur trekking. Most from the reviews telling to people’s if Mount Batur can be one of the best place in Bali you must have to visit.

Other information may you need to know: Mount Batur Temperature

How About Our Mount Batur Trekking Tour Reviews?

Until this time, mount Batur sunrise trekking become one of the best outdoor activities in Bali. This trekking tour is choose by many travelers around the world. Most of them really recommend for this kind of Bali activities. We are all locally from Kintamani and living surround this volcano. That’s why we use mount Batur trekking  as our main tour and we create many types packages for this adventure. The most popular is sunrise trekking tour.

Right now, we are already have more than 450 reviews about our mount Batur tour service. From that amount, more than 95% with excellent rate. Although 2% with very good rate, 2% with average rate and less than 1% of terrible service. There you can read most of them tell how good our service. Many costumers are happy from the beginning, with on time pick-up until the end of the journey. They also like our breakfast, friendly guide and all good hiking equipment.

What Make We are Different?

Some thing that make us bit different with the others companies is:

  • Firstly, we provide good hiking equipment such as head lamp and walking pole. You should to know, there is not many company offer for this.
  • Beside from that, our customers also tell if our breakfast is much better than others Bali trekking tour served. Lot of them is really like our banana pancakes that we serve before starting your trek.
  • The last thing is guests also tell if our mount Batur trekking price is cheaper than others company offer. We also provide various packages and you can choose depending with your budget. The price also depend with pick up and transfer location.

We offer many packages for this trekking tour and the main package is mount Batur private trekking tour with tour price  start from USD 25/person. Beside from private tour service, we also offer sharing tour in small group the package we created special for single traveler and also tourist with lower budget.

The last and the most important thing that you need to know is we have enough experienced mount Batur trekking guide in our team. All of them speak fluent English and they will happy to giving their best service for make your trekking journey become unforgettable. Still worried with our service? If yes, please read our previous review on our TripAdvisor ‘’BAGUS BALI SUNRISE TREKKING’’ after that we thing you don’t worried to book one or some activities with us!

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