Mount Batur Weather

Mount Batur Weather

The Best Way to Feel the Sensation of Mount Batur Weather

If you want to enjoy all the sensations of Mount Batur weather during early morning, during afternoon, evening and also during night time, you can prepare for camping. Just imagine the greatness of spending a night in the active volcano. If it is so, you can join the Mount Batur Sunset and Sunrise camping package. You have to know first why this Mount Batur tour special and worth it to try. 

Capture the Amazing Sunset and Sunrise 

It might be your first experience of capturing the amazing sunset and sunrise at the peak of a volcano mountain. This package is designed for those who have more free time and get confused about whether you want to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. It is also a good option if you are afraid of losing a chance to capture the beauty of the sunrise. The solution is to build a tent and spend a night there. You can wake up early in the morning and get out of the tent to enjoy the sunrise as well as enjoy the sensation of Mount Batur weather.  

Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise from a Peak of a Volcano Mountain 

You will get new sensations and experience because you are about to capture and enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the 1.717 meters above sea level. Just make sure that you are coming to Mount Batur at the right time so you can see the clear sunset and sunrise. If it is not, the sun is covered by cloudy, remembering if this is nature and the weather can changes any time and we can’t predict that.

Summer season also not always guarantee that you can see clear views. So it will depending on your lucky. One thing for sure the scenery around the mountain is extremely beautiful. You can capture and share it on your Instagram account. It seems that the Mount Batur weather is not a big problem as long as you get great pictures. 

The Best Way to Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise 

Joining this package is the best way to enjoy sunset and sunrise. It is not only because you see it at the peak of a volcano mountain. But also because you can enjoy it while drinking a cup of hot coffee or tea. It is the best time to forget about your hectic schedules and problems and enjoy the sun slowly gone and appears.

Moreover, you will also enjoy a special dinner where you are eating soup, main course, dessert, and hot drinks at the peak of Mount Batur. Just sleep tight while feeling the cold sensation of Mount Batur weather at night and waiting for the next day. Don’t be too late to wake up.

Just make sure that you wake up at 05:00 am. Move from your tent to see the spectacular sunrise. It is also a special thing because you are about to see the sunrise while eating breakfast. The time to enjoy the sunrise is only 1 hour so just make sure that you use this short time to capture the best pictures. 

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Great Service 

Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking has enough experience to guide travelers to Mount Batur. You will be guided by a professional tour guide who knows the volcano mountain well. He shows you the best time to enjoy sunset and sunrise. He will also tell activities you can do at the peak of the mountain.

The trip is supported by a full AC car. They will explain to you the things you have to bring to keep warm from the cold of the Mount Batur weather. You don’t have to bring camping equipment because the price is including camping equipment.

Moreover, you will also get mineral water, dinner and breakfast, snacks, hot drinks, and entrance free. You will not need to worried with our service. Until this time we almost had 500 excellent reviews on our TripAdvisor and your satisfaction is our priority.  

Due to the services you get from the package, you just need to enjoy the surroundings and spots around the mountain. Just also share your experience while facing Mount Batur weather. That might be a little bit different than any other mountains you have visited before.


Mount Batur Weather Information

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