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Mount Batur trekking guide – Hiking Mount Batur in Bali and seeing the pretty sunrise view on top of it can be one of the fun activities that you can do on the island of gods. Mount Batur that is located in Kintamani is an active volcano. It is ranked on number two as the highest mountains in Bali, right next to Mount Agung. Mount Batur has a 13.8 x 10 Km caldera, making this volcano has the biggest caldera in the world. Mount Batur is also known as Mount Kintamani Bali. Some of you are probably wondering about the main attraction on the active volcano. Is it really fun hiking and seeing the sunrise at the peak of the volcano?

Mount Batur offers a gorgeous view of the sunrise. The combination of red and thin blue will  leave you amazed. Especially when the weather is nice and clear, you will be able to clearly see the sunrise view. For your information, Mount Batur trekking guide is known as the best place to witness the pretty sunrise view. So, if you are a nature lover and sunrise admirer, you should never miss this chance when you are vacationing in Bali. This active volcano is crowded with a lot of hikers and tourists who spare their time to enjoy hiking and witness the gorgeous sunrise view.

Not only the sunrise view, but you can also see the caldera with a small burst of larvae. If you do not have the chance to have your breakfast, you can have it at the peak of Mount Batur while enjoying the mount Batur sunrise. Once you have enjoyed the sunrise, you can have lunch in restaurants that offer delicious meals. Or, you can get relaxed in the natural hot spring near the mountain named Toya Bungkah Natural Hot Spring.

For you who are scared of getting lost while hiking Mount Batur, do not be worried because this mountain has a clear Mount Batur trekking guide. Around 3 Km at the beginning of the hiking track, the path is still paved. The path is obvious and clear from the starting point until the peak of Mount Batur. There are even some signs as well. Even though the trekking is rocky, sandy, and slippery, it is not surrounded by a dense forest. So, the path to reach the top of the volcano is clearly seen. However, it is really suggested to hire a guide if you want to hike Mount Batur. Especially if you are a beginner in hiking or this is your first time hiking the mountain.

Foreign tourists are also highly suggested to be accompanied by a guide. At the starting point, you will find a lot of guides who offer their services. They are locals so that it can be ensured that they are experienced and know the Mount Batur trekking trail so well. What about Mount Batur trekking cost? It depends on whether you use a tour package or you do it independently. If you use a tour package to Mount Batur, the cost is varied. One thing for sure is the cost for the guide is about IDR 550.000 to IDR 600.000 or about $40 / guide beside from mount Batur entrance tickets (IDR 100.000/person). If you need full facility for mount Batur sunrise trekking, it will much better if you join us in future.

What you should bring for hiking Mount Batur? You should wear warm and comfortable clothes. The atmosphere on the mountain is quite freezing. Do not forget to wear comfortable hiking shoes to protect your feet. Since the path is rocky and slippery. Choose hiking shoes that have rubber soles. Also, bring enough water so that you will not get dehydrated. That is the information you should know about Mount Batur trekking guide.


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