Mount Batur Trekking Tips For Beginners

Mount Batur Trekking Tips For Beginners

Doing hiking or trekking activities in Bali is one a good idea. For those of you who really like adventure and also sporty enough in daily. If you have plan to visit our island in future, mount Batur sunrise trekking is one of the best trekking activity you must looking for.

This type of Bali trekking tour will not be a big problem as long you have do enough exercise at your home. However how if you never been done any hiking or not really use sports in daily? Well, here we will give you some tips you need to thing before decide to book mount Batur trekking, especially for beginners!

Knowing some info about Mount Batur Trekking for beginners. This is important although this outdoor activity can be done by anyone whether kids, mature and even seniors with old up to 60 years old. Lot people’s said if mount Batur is easy. This volcano has moderate level hike, yes that’s true and this is also a reason why we use mount Batur trekking as our main program.

Some Important Mount Batur Trekking Tips For Beginners:

1. Make a Good Planning Before You Go

Everything will run well as your hopes if you do good planning before you go hike in Bali. Some thing you need to concider about is:

  • Mount Batur weather conditions,

If you coming Bali around March until September, you not need to be very worried about the weather because in Indonesia during this months is dry season. But if you want to do hike around October to February please chose the best day that said by weather forecast. Despite this not always correct but you can use as considerations.

  • Trekking routes or starting point,

With some reasons we always recommend to our customers to do hike from Toya Bungkah starting point. For more information please read also Mount Batur Trekking Start Point

  • Number of Trekkers,

Our mount Batur trekking price is one of the most reasonable one. It can be cheaper if you book this tour with groups of friends or family. So by bring more trekkers you will get cheaper price and also your trip will more fun

  • Know what equipment you must be prepared,

For mount Batur sunrise trekking private tour we are provide good hiking equipment like pole and also head lamp that you will needed for your safety. The equipment you must bring from home is sports shoes with a good grip and also jackets.

  • Book a guide in advance

Make sure you have book our guide in advance especially if you want to go hiking between June – August. This period is busy season in Bali. So if you book in advance with us we can provide our experienced team to come with you on tour.

2. Do a Good Physically and Mentally Preparation

Despite Mount Batur is not too high and only 1,717 meter above sea level, prepare your physically and mentally before hike is must. You still need to doing exercises a few days before visit Bali, so all will run well.

3. Do a Good Diet a Week Before You Go

To make sure your body conditions is healthy while do hike at mount Batur, please reduce or avoid from drink alcohols. Other thing is also don’t consume too much meat during your lunch or dinner.

Well, that is only a few information from us about what beginners need to prepare before do mount Batur trekking in Bali. If you want to book this an amazing sunrise trekking tour please sent your inquiry to our whats’App:

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Mount Batur Trekking Tips

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