Short Information About Mount Batur Bali

Tips to Hike Mount Batur in Bali


Mount Batur Bali is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali island . For your information, Bali is not only about beaches and temples. There are also some natural tourist attractions that you can visit, one of them is Mount Batur. This volcano is located in Kintamani and still active until now.

The last Mount Batur eruption was in 2000. Regardless of its scary eruption, Mount Batur offers a lot of beauties that you can enjoy. This volcano has altitude 1717 meters above sea level. So, the atmosphere on this mountain is incredibly cool and fresh. The location of this volcano itself is a favorite of many nature lovers.

Hiking Mount Batur in Bali

Mount Batur in Kintamani is really famous as one of the Bali hiking locations besides Mount Agung. One thing make this attractions so popular is the sunrise view. This volcano is also famous for the best location to witness the stunning sunrise view. This is why a lot of hikers and tourists are willing to hike Mount Batur Bali at dawn. The beauty of sunrise at the top of Mount Batur will leave you in awe. From the height, you will be able to enjoy the view that faces the large and pretty Batur caldera in the northwest. While Batur Lake is on the southeast of the volcano.

Short Information About Mount Batur Hiking

Mount Batur Bali is the second-highest mountain in Bali, next to Mount Agung. This volcano has 2 trekking paths, which are from Toya Bungkah Village and Pura Jati. However, most hikers and tourists prefer to start their hiking from Toya Bungkah Village.

Once you have arrived at the starting point in Toya Bungkah Village, you will be welcomed by a lot of guides who offer their services to accompany you hiking the volcano. You actually can choose not to be accompanied by a guide, however, it is really suggested to use the guide’s service. It is for the sake of your safety and to make sure that you will not get lost.

You will need about 1.5 hours to 2,5 hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur Bali. It depends on your speed in hiking the volcano. So, if you are interested to see the sunrise on the top of Mount Batur, you better start your hiking in the middle of the night, around 1 AM for mount Batur sunrise trekking. There is also one unique thing that you can do at the peak of the volcano. You can boil an egg naturally. Find soil that emits smoke then bury an egg in the soil. Wait around 3 minutes until the egg is cooked.

Tips to Hike Mount Batur

  • You are suggested to prepare your energy and stamina by working out at least a week before you hike Mount Batur Bali. Even though this volcano is not really high compared to other mountains, but trekking is quite challenging especially for beginners. In order to avoid any injury during hiking, it will be better if you prepare your physical condition.
  • Use safe and comfortable shoes. Moreover, do not bring too much stuff so that you will not get tired easily. This way, you can witness the sunrise on time.
  • The most important thing is to always bring back your trash. Do not litter on the mountain area. Vandalism is a big no because it will ruin the appearance of the natural tourist attraction.

Those are the tips that you can follow when you are about to hike Mount Batur. Read also Mount Batur Tips For Beginers for get other reference about this hike. If you are not interested to hike up the volcano, you can just have lunch while enjoying the view of Mount Batur Bali and we also have some tours packages of Kintamani and mount Batur tour.

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